Optimization pallet racking layout in 1 day

“For the expansion of my company I rented a new warehouse. Could CLN Racking prepare a quotation for placing pallet racks?”. This question was posed to us by the general manager when prospecting a company that was still unknown to us at the time. “Very much…”, we answered, “… but you will have to give us a little more information”. It turned out that this was not an unjustified comment. What followed was a short, but powerful, analysis of a very varied composition of goods with an equally wide variety of storage requirements.

An additional challenge was the time frame that the customer provided us for delivering the solution. CLN Racking was given the opportunity to participate in the project just a few days before the final decision. It was therefore advisable to react quickly. After obtaining the first information by telephone, the customer was convinced to participate in a face-to-face meeting. This enabled us to fully encompass the project and the client’s specific requirements.

The customer had goods stored on standard euro and block pallets with a mixture of heights, goods that were individually stacked for piece picking, long goods that had to be stored upright, long goods that had to be stored horizontally, bulk storage of stackable stacks, and so on. The result was a series of no less than 8 unique section types. Two of these section types had to be fitted with custom-made dividers. Not bad for a used warehouse area of ​​”only” 900m².

At CLN Racking, we find it a great pity that customers usually only engage us AFTER the choice for a specific building. This results regularly in informing the customer that their intended storage capacity cannot be achieved in their chosen building. Simply because the building itself is not equipped for the storage requirements of the customer or because there are more obstructions present than appear at first sight. This was also the case with this project, where after a thorough inspection of the building it turned out that quite a few obstructions had not yet been taken into account.

The pieces of the puzzle were now determined by the number of sections and the different types that resulted from the analysis. The framework for the puzzle was created by the rented warehouse hall with all its measured obstructions. Creativity and flexibility are an asset of CLN Racking and it was therefore no problem for our technical team to find a solution for the warehouse layout. The intended storage capacity was nevertheless achieved through a correct analysis of the customer’s flow of goods and clever use of the available space and corners.

Thanks to close cooperation and the expert feedback from the customer, the initial concept was adapted and improved to increase capacity and productivity. This optimization was carried out in a very short period of time, one Saturday to be precise. What started as a “quick” request for a price verification turned into a great deal of trust and the allocation of the project to CLN racking.

A smooth installation carried out by a specialized team and the fully equipped warehouse was made available to the customer. From that moment on, the manager was no longer a stranger to us, but an appreciated customer of CLN Racking who regarded us as a partner.


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