Reduction of picking errors

Every day hundreds, thousands or maybe even more products are picked for processing in your warehouse. Whether they are intended for internal production, internal use or shipping to the customer, it is primarily desirable to pick the right product in the right quantity. In addition to these two parameters, the final destination is a third factor that can cause picking errors.

Picking errors not only cost a company time and money, but it also creates a bad reputation with your customers. That is why we provide you with a set of tips to reduce picking errors as much as possible.

Reduceren van pick fouten

Work with data

In most WMS systems it is perfectly possible to save the data of every order pick. Processing the data of the picking errors on a regular basis can give you more insight into the cause of the error. Where did the error occur, in which zone, in which step of the process? When did the error happen, at a certain time, on a certain day? What was wrong, was the product wrong, was the quantity wrong?

Involve the staff

Determining the where, when and what only paints a partial picture of the situation. With common mistakes it is very important to also determine the ‘why’. Only the personnel responsible for the picking error can give you more insight into the reason behind the error. Proceed with an open mind, often the fault lies not with the person, but with the system they are using. Similar products may be too close together, it is not clear how many pieces a bag or box contains, different location labels with barcodes are too similar, and so on.

Optimize the processes

Determining the ‘why’ can lead to an large number of causes for picking errors. It is now up to you to tackle these root causes. Start from a list of causes of picking errors and try to solve them one by one by adjusting the processes involved. The ultimate goal is an optimized process in which all combined picking error causes are eliminated. Keep involving your staff in this step, they may already have ideas for pragmatic solutions.

Reductie pick fouten Reduction picking errors

Create a good working environment

A good work environment is a vague and lucid concept. The lack will usually not be immediately reported by your employees. It is therefore up to you to create it without direct indication of its need. Think of safe, orderly and controlled work zones for your staff, inviting and relaxing break zones, a good atmosphere between employer and employees, and so on.

Introduce double checks

People make mistakes, this is an unavoidable fact. Certain picking errors will inevitably slip through the cracks, despite all precautions. These can still be reduced by applying a double check. At some point in the process, have a second person review the parameters of the pick. Four eyes are better than two.

Use the correct storage method(s)

A process can only be as good as its basic components. If you start from a wrong choice of storage system, setting up a smooth and error-free process can automatically become an impossible task.

Therefore, let yourself be assisted by experts in the field of storage systems, such as CLN Racking. A partner who thinks together with you and provides a time and money saving solution.

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