Ideal for the storage of long goods

When storing goods with excessive volumes it is difficult to create elegant solutions with conventional pallet racks. The frames create a barrier that limits the length of the goods to the length of the beams. Cantilever racking works around this problem by placing the uprights at the rear of the system. Support arms that are mounted on the uprights create an uninterrupted level.

The levels can be placed at different heights and executed in different depths. This flexibility offers a solution for the storage of goods of all sizes. The cantilever racking will also be adapted to the weights of the goods to be stored and can thus achieve a very high capacity.

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We are happy to supply you with professional advice regarding the warehouse solutions. We will also supply the cantilever racking fully assembled and ready to use!

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Cantilever racking is designed for the storage of goods with bulky and excessive dimensions. This storage method is characterized by its flexibility in terms of depth, weight capacity and height, to allow storage of a variety of goods.

The width of the system is deliberately not mentioned in the flexibility of cantilever racks. This is the biggest advantage of cantilever racking and deserves extra attention. Continuous levels are created by the construction of supporting arms that are attached to uprights. There is therefore no restriction on the width of the system nor on the width of the goods to be stored.

The cantilever racks can be set up with single-sided or double-sided arms. The flexibility of the set-up guarantees maximum use of the available space. By adapting the coating, the cantilever racks can be used both indoors (painted) and outdoors (galvanized). Cantilever racks that are placed outside can also be provided with a built-up roof construction.

High cantilever racking


  • Direct access to all goods.
  • Cost efficient storage system.
  • Assembly, disassembly and adaptations of the storage system are quick and easy.
  • Very flexible storage system that can follow your changing storage requirements.
  • Long goods, which are difficult to fit in other storage methods, can be conveniently stored.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors (with or without a built-up roof).
  • Safe and reliable system.
  • Retention of high residual value compared to other storage systems.


To avoid both forgetting to order necessary parts or making unnecessary purchases, you can count on our technical advice when ordering the specific accessories.

The list of possible accessories for cantilever racks is very extensive. When contacting the sales team of CLN Racking, the possibilities will be discussed.


CLN Racking’s technical team will advise you on the possibilities for your warehouse design and the realization of the design you have chosen. This involves a series of analyses, containing but not limited to storage requirement analysis, analysis of environmental factors, strength calculations and assembly processing. The design of the stacking racks will always be based on the European standards recommendations in force.

We meet the following design and production standards;

  • EN 1090
  • EN 15629
  • EN 15635
  • FEM 10.2.09


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