Light shelving

Storage of light weight goods

Light shelving has been specifically designed and manufactured for the storage of light weight goods. Storing light weight goods on a classic pallet rack can be a bad option from an economic point of view. This solution can negatively influence the optimization of the available warehouse space.

Light shelving offer an excellent alternative in this case. The racks provide a modular solution which is highly adaptable to your specific needs. Even after installation, adjustments remain very user-friendly due to the boltless design.

The clean finish gives these warehouse racks an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Therefore they can also be used in an office environment.

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Specific information regarding the operation, benefits and components of our light shelving can be found in the tabs below.


Our light shelving has been designed for the storage of light loads. These loads can be stored separately or in cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, etc.

In contrast to classic pallet racks, light shelving racks are smaller in size. This size is better suited for the storage of goods that must be picked by hand or using small MHE. The limited depth of the racks makes it easy for the user to place or pick products. The aisles between the shelving can also be kept more narrow making the overall system denser.

These racks are an economically advantageous solution for the storage of light goods. The realization will be according to capacity required to store your goods.

Light goods are often also products with a limited volume. It is recommended to store such small sized goods in a cardboard box, plastic container or similar. However, this is not always possible or desirable. For this reason, shelving racks are equipped with a range of accessories. These accessories can compartmentalize the shelves of the rack into different sizes of enclosed spaces.

Light shelving sections are aesthetically clean (e.g. no holes in the front of the upright). This makes them suitable for different applications, from archive storage in your office to use in industrial warehouses.



  • Solid price-quality ratio.
  • Easy installation or dismounting due to a boltless system.
  • Height adjustable in steps of 25mm or 50mm.
  • Capacity up to 200kg per shelf.
  • Aesthetically clean finish (e.g. no holes in the front of the post).
  • Goods remain accessible on both sides of the shelving.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Retention of high residual value compared to other storage systems.
Legbord stellingen


To avoid both forgetting to order necessary parts or making unnecessary purchases, you can count on our technical advice when ordering the specific accessories. Below you will find a list of the most common accessories for light shelving, this list can of course be extended with the accessory that you specifically require or a custom-designed solution.

  • Frame
  • Plastic or metal base plate
  • Shelf support
  • Shelf
  • Shim
  • Drawer
  • Divider
  • Front plate
  • Kick plate


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