Live storage shelving

Automatic flow of your goods

Wouldn’t it be easy if the goods move to your staff, which means they have less travel distance? An ergonomic solution that also has economic advantages, consists of live storage shelving or flow shelving for small goods.

Small-sized goods cannot be stored directly on a roller bed, but must be stored in a larger storage volume. The storage is possible in cardboard boxes, metal containers, plastic containers, and so on.

The use of live storage shelving can be combined with pallet racks above the roller bed installation. This combination gives maximum use of the available free height of your warehouse.

Specific information regarding the operation, benefits and components of our live storage shelving can be found in the tabs below.


Live storage shelving consist of a frame on which the roller beds are mounted. This frame can be attached to warehouse shelving frames or directly on the frames of pallet racks. The roller beds are installed with a slope in the bed orientation. This slope ensures that the goods will roll on the roller tracks due to the effects of gravity.

Small goods flow racks are an efficient and productive order picking system. Placing boxes (or other storage units for your goods) behind each other is ideal for goods with a high turnover rate. The boxes behind the ‘pick’ location serve as a buffer, where boxes in the back automatically roll forward when the first box is removed.

This way your staff spends much less time replenishing stock. They can now focus on the picking activities instead. By offering the goods in a dense manner, the pick activity itself can run more smooth and efficient, saving your staff even more time.

The replenishment of boxes as a buffer happens less frequent and at the same time it is also easier to perform. By placing the replenishment boxes on the high side of the roller beds, the boxes automatically move forward (FIFO setup, First-In-First-Out).

It is also possible to place the replenishment boxes on the withdrawal side. In this case the replenisher has to push the boxes in the buffer zone backwards with the new boxes (LIFO setup, Last-In-First-Out).

Rollen voor dozen magazijn


  • Dense solution by using the full depth and height of the shelving.
  • Increased productivity of picking activities.
  • Reduced walking distance for your personnel.
  • A guaranteed FIFO stock rotation.
  • Combination with pallet racks above used as spare stock storage is possible.
  • Adaptable to different sizes and weights of boxes and/or boxes.
Live storage shelving tracks


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