Long span shelving

Ideal for medium weight goods

Long span shelving is comparable in many ways to conventional pallet racks. Even in terms of appearance, this type of warehouse shelving system is very similar to pallet racks.

Goods stored in a warehouse are usually stacked on a pallet, but this is not always the case. Some products need to be available for individual picking or in smaller storage units. Using storage in a long span rack can have its advantages compared to traditional pallet racking.

Medium-heavy goods can be stored much more densely in a long span rack. In addition, long span racks have the advantages of classic pallet racks, such as modular construction, flexibility to adjust, and so on.

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Specific information regarding the operation, benefits, components and quality of our long span shelving can be found in the tabs below.


By default a long span shelf consists of a frame (with accompanying base plates) and beams. This basic set-up can be augmented with all kinds of accessories. The type of accessories used are based on the storage requirements or at the request of the customer.

On this page you will find a summary of the components and accessories of an assembled long span shelf. After the summary you will also find a more detailed explanation of each individual component.

To avoid both forgetting to order necessary parts or making unnecessary purchases, you can count on our technical advice when ordering the specific accessories. Below you will find a list of the most common accessories for long span shelving, this list can of course be extended with the accessory that you specifically require or a custom-designed solution.



A frame is a basic component of the long span shelving. This part consists of 2 upright profiles that are supported by a base plate. The profiles are connected to each other by a series of diagonal and horizontal C-profiles. The C-profiles give this component the appearance of a ladder, but at the same time provide stability.

Frames have different upright profiles depending on the requested capacity and configuration of the long span shelving. The depth and height of the frames will also vary based on the desired configuration of your storage system. The frames will always be adapted to the specific requirements of your warehouse layout.

Base plate

The base plates are also a basic component of the long span shelving. Without the base plates, a wide span shelf cannot be anchored to the ground. Whether or not to anchor the shelf structure depends on the processes that take place around the long span shelving system. The base plates are connected to the frame using various bolts and nuts. This creates a solid connection between the frame and the base plate.


The beams are the last basic components of the long span shelving. The frames stand stable on the ground thanks to their anchored or non-anchored base plates and are now connected to each other using beams. These beams serve the ultimate goal of the storage system; creating locations for the storage of goods.

Beams are usually placed in pairs; one at the front of the frame and one at the back. This way they form a platform on which a pallet can rest on both beams of the pair.

For the safe use of your storage system, beams are always provided with 2 safety pins. These are slid into specially provided holes at both ends of the beam. Thanks to an inventive rotating system, it is now no longer possible to accidentally lift the beam, the pins prevent this.

Beams come in a huge variety of sizes and types. The height of the beam determines, together with the type of construction and the steel thickness, the capacity. The width is adapted to the type of goods you need to store in your warehouse.

Upright protection

There are several options for protecting the basic components that ensure the stability of the long span shelving. However, the goal is always the same; reduce and/or stop the impact on the front of the frame.

The front of the frame is the part of the frame that is freely accessible in the aisle of the long span shelving. It is therefore possible to hit it with the forklift (or other machine) used in these aisles.

To stop the impact, you can use various freestanding protections. However, they must be anchored in the ground. You can also use protections that are placed on the frame itself. The latter are made of metal and connected to the frame by means of bolts and nuts.

Chipboard decking

Goods stored in long span shelving system are often too small to be supported by both beams. It will therefore often be opted to provide an extra connection between the pairs of beams in the form of a chipboard deck.

The beams that are used in combination with a chipboard deck have an adapted profile. This profile ensures that the chipboard and the front of the beam are flush and provide a flat surface.


If one has opted for the use of chipboard decking in combination with heavy goods or very deep racks, additional support may be required. This support is provided in the form of support profiles that are attached between the beams. The number of support profiles depends on the dimensions and the required capacity of the long span shelving.

Metal shelf

In addition to chipboard decking, you can also opt for metal shelves. These are also provided with adapted beams that are flush with the beam providing a flat surface. The choice between wooden or metal shelves depends on the customer’s requirements, the dimensions and the required capacity of the long span shelving.


When storing very small goods they are often stacked on top of each other. To prevent the stacked goods from falling over and thus mixing different types of goods, metal dividers can be installed. These dividers are attached to the shelf by means of a bolt and nut connection.

Tubular divider

When storing very long goods, it may be preferable to store these goods upright. This creates the risk that the goods will fall over and mix with other stored goods. In this case it is best to use tubular dividers that are mounted on a single beam (at the back of the long span shelving).

The connection of the tubular divider to the beam is done by means of a bolt and nut connection. The bolt will not go through the beam, but will pass under the beam and tighten the divider holder against the beam. This allows the dividers to be moved at any time as required by the storage layout.

Force repartition plate

Long span shelves that are loaded with all kinds of goods can collect a large total weight. This weight puts a point load on the surface through the foot plates. To spread this point load, one can use so-called force repartition plates. These are placed under the foot plates of the frame and are provided with holes for the placement of anchors.

Frame cover

To level out the appearance of the long span shelving you can opt for frame covers. These metal plates are mounted on the frames at the end of a row. Different sizes of cover plates allow us to completely cover any frame size.


Our long span racks are designed for the storage of medium-heavy loads. These goods can be stored separately or in cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, etc.

In contrast to classic pallet racks, large-span racks are smaller in size. This size is better suited for the storage of goods that must be picked by hand or using small MHE. The limited depth of the racks makes it easy for the user to place or pick products. The aisles between the racks can also be kept more narrow making the overall system denser.

The long span shelving can also be used for the storage of products with specific storage requirements, such as belts, clothing to be hung, etc.

Storage boxes


  • High weight capacity for a warehouse shelving system.
  • Efficient and easy-to-use storage system for assembling, dismantling or adjusting.
  • Direct access to all stored products.
  • Extensive options in length and depth of the shelves.
  • Shelves can consist of steel and/or wood or be replaced by mesh panels.
  • Extensive range of accessories.
  • Welded beams can be used to achieve an even higher weight capacity (heavy duty).
  • The long span shelving can be used as an intermediate floor. This can be done in multiple levels to utilize the full height of the warehouse.
Longspan storage boxes


CLN Racking’s technical team will advise you on the possibilities for your warehouse design and the realization of the design you have chosen. This involves a series of analyses, containing but not limited to storage requirement analysis, analysis of environmental factors, strength calculations and assembly processing. The design of the long span shelving will always be based on the European standards recommendations in force.

We meet the following design and production standards;

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 18001:2004


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