Mobile racking

Reducing the number of aisles

For certain applications, a classic pallet rack will generate too little storage capacity due to the need for aisles. In addition to solutions that make it possible to store multiple pallets in depth, you can also opt to reduce the number of aisles.

The solutions already mentioned for the deep storage of several pallets are not possible for every warehouse. Here people often want to continue to use the advantages of the classic pallet racks.

Mobile pallet racking gives you the gain of reduced aisle space by reducing the number of aisles that are present at all times. To open a new aisle the pallet racks are fitted with ladders on moving platforms. When a new aisle is opened, the old aisle will be closed, making optimum use of the available space.

Are you unsure if mobile racking is the right solution for your warehouse? Have a look at our other warehouse solutions on the ‘Warehouse solutions’ page.

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