Multi tier shelving

Utilizing the full height of your building

The storage requirements of your goods have indicated that warehouse shelving is the ideal storage system for your warehouse. A typical warehouse building has a free available height of 8 meters or more. However, warehouse racks are limited in usable height by the user who cannot pick higher than 2.5 meters. In this case, multi tier shelving or intermediate floors can be an efficient and cost friendly way to optimally fill in the excess available height.

By placing a second level on your warehouse shelving system you effectively double your storage capacity. If the height of your building allows, you can even place a third level or beyond! Each level remains accessible to your staff via staircases and/or lifts.

Are you unsure if multi tier shelving is the right solution for your warehouse? Have a look at our other warehouse solutions on the ‘Warehouse solutions’ page.

Warehouse solutions

We are happy to supply you with professional advice regarding the warehouse solutions. We will also supply the pallet racking fully assembled and ready to use!

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Specific information regarding the operation, benefits and quality of our multi-tier shelving systems can be found in the tabs below.


Warehouse shelving systems have a sturdy base structure, consisting of frames and shelves or beams, that provides stability. This structure can be made more competent to add an intermediate floor between the shelving. The floor and its required capacity rest on the frames of the shelving. This means that no additional columns or connections to your building are needed.

The intermediate floor will only be provided between the shelving. There will be no flooring inside the shelving frames. The shelving must consist of one continuous frame from the ground up to the top level. The intermediate floor is attached to this frame and thus forms one or more “floating” aisles between the shelving.

The intermediate floor uses the shelving structure without additional support and thus becomes a cost friendly and efficient solution. It is possible to utilize the structure even more efficiently by adding automation for your processes (e.g. roller conveyors, freight elevators, spiral chutes, etc.).

Multi tier mezzanine


  • Maximum use of the available free height of your building.
  • Intermediate floors can be applied to all types of warehouse shelving systems.
  • The floor can be finished in wood or metal with various options in realization.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • The structure can be augmented with automation (e.g. roller conveyors, goods lifts, spiral chutes, etc.).
Warehouse lighting


CLN Racking’s technical team will advise you on the possibilities for your warehouse design and the realization of the design you have chosen. This involves a series of analyses, containing but not limited to storage requirement analysis, analysis of environmental factors, strength calculations and assembly processing. The design of the multi-tier shelving system will always be based on the European standards recommendations in force.

We meet the following design and production standards;

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 18001:2004


Interested in multi tier shelving systems or other storage solutions, feel free to contact us for advice.

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