Pushback racking

Inventive system with high storage capacity for LIFO applications

For certain applications, a classic pallet rack will generate too little storage capacity due to the need for aisles. In addition to the live storage racking, there is another system for storing multiple pallets in depth; the pushback racking. This solution will also increase the productivity of your warehouse.

This warehouse solution is equipped with an inventive system with frames that slide into each other. These frames slide apart when placing multiple palettes in the depth of the rack. When removing the first pallet, the remaining pallets on the level will automatically be brought forward. The system is only designed for LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) applications and is therefore less suitable for perishable goods. The used fork truck does not have to drive into the system when using pushback racking.

Because the fork truck does not need to enter the storage system the chance of damage to the racks is greatly reduced. As an added advantage, compared to drive-in racks, you can vary in products between levels, because each level is separately accessible.

Are you unsure if pushback racking is the right solution for your warehouse? Have a look at our other warehouse solutions on the ‘Warehouse solutions’ page.

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