Shelving systems
Long span shelving shelving systems

Shelving systems contain all storage systems that are primarily used for the storage of separate goods, boxes, piece bags, etc. Each offered product has its own field of application and benefits. Discover what each storage system can mean for your warehouse using the web links below.

Discover the possibilities of shelving systems

Longspan storage boxes

Long span shelving

Flexible system designed for the storage of medium heavy goods that need to be picked by hand.

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Multi tier shelving assembly

Multi tier shelving

Utilizing the full available height of your warehouse with this cost efficient solution that furnishes shelving systems with mezzanine(s).

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Legborden shelving

Light shelving

Storing light weight goods with a wide range of dividing and compartmentalizing accessories.

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Live storage boxes warehouse

Live storage shelving

Live storage shelving is both space and time efficient due to the automatic movement of your stored goods.

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When designing a warehouse solution you prefer to maximize the available space in your warehouse. In order to achieve this you need to make the correct choices in terms of storage system(s) to purchase. Will you go for pallet racking, shelving systems, mezzanines, a combination of the previous or a completely different solution?

This question can only be answered correctly by investigating the needs of your warehouse and company. CLN Racking will gladly assist you in analyzing your business needs.

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We will not abandon you after the delivery of the ordered material. Every purchase contains the assembly of your material performed by a specialized team. Your shelving systems are delivered ready to use.

On top of this, a technical responsible, who has designed your warehouse solution, will be in constant communication with the team leader. Not only to optimize the assembly itself, but also to maintain contact with the customer. This means you will have a fully knowledgeable and fixed point of contact for all enquiries regarding the assembly of your storage system(s).

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Would you like to receive more information about one or several of our products? Or maybe you are not quite sure yet about the type of storage solution that works best for your warehouse? We will gladly assist you with any questions.

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