Stacking racks

Flexibility as main asset

The needs of your warehouse design can be vary (e.g. due to changing activities, seasonal fluctuations, etc.). Therefore, you may prefer not to install a permanent storage system. After all, pallet racks, warehouse shelving and mezzanine floors must always be anchored to the ground and cannot be easily removed.

Stacking racks can offer the ideal alternative solution in these cases. This storage system does not have to be anchored to the ground. When the racks are not used, they can be stored very dense. By lifting the pipes from the stacking legs you reduce the volume down to 12.5% of the built-up volume. The frames stack easily on top of each other and the tubes can be neatly stacked in a built-up frame.

Stackable racks are a very suitable solution for temporary bulk storage and very flexible for use with different types of goods.

Are you unsure if stacking racks are the right solution for your warehouse? Have a look at our other warehouse solutions on the ‘Warehouse solutions’ page.

Warehouse solutions

We are happy to supply you with professional advice regarding the warehouse solutions. We will also supply the pallet racking fully assembled and ready to use!

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Specific information regarding the operation, benefits, components and quality of our stacking racks can be found in the tabs below.


Stacking racks are placed in the correct position using a forklift truck. The goods are placed on the stacking rack frame and the 4 tubes are placed manually in to the holders. You can then place the next assembled rack on these 4 tubes to work in the height of your warehouse.

It is a flexible system that is often used for temporary storage or the storage of products in bulk.

The use of stacking racks avoids the installation of fixed racks or shelving which are always anchored to the ground. You have the option to store the stacking racks densely when not using the racks (for example, during seasonal peaks).

Stacking racks come in a wide range of standard dimensions for the most common pallet types (up to 2100mm wide). The racks can also be custom made for long goods or goods with outlying dimensions.

Stacking racks


  • Ideal for temporary bulk storage.
  • Very fast assembly or disassembly due to a boltless system without the need for tools.
  • A forklift can pick up the stacking racks on all 4 sides.
  • Ability to customize and adapt the racks to your goods
  • Stackable up to 4 racks in height.
Stacked frames


Stacking racks consist of a welded frame which is painted or galvanized. This frame is available in different sizes or can be customized to suit the dimensions of your goods.

The tubes that are used to stack the racks are available in 4 standard lengths (1050, 1340, 1680 and 2100 mm). Similar to the frames, these tubes can also be custom made to meet your specific needs.

Stacking racks components


CLN Racking’s technical team will advise you on the possibilities for your warehouse design and the realization of the design you have chosen. This involves a series of analyses, containing but not limited to storage requirement analysis, analysis of environmental factors, strength calculations and assembly processing. The design of the stacking racks will always be based on the European standards recommendations in force.

We meet the following design and production standards;

  • EN 13626:2003 (structure)
  • EN 10305-3-S3 (tubes)


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